I always feel the title are backwards. per month. – Hobbies: sleeping and hanging around at home. ATEEZ Discography, Who is your ATEEZ bias? Birthday: June 15th, 1999 (DKDKTV’s interview with ATEEZ) , @saaniyapathan:disqus Thank you!! – San learned Japanese. Hongjoong is my birthday twin Cant wait for them to debut !!! or pay annually. La période de vote des fans se déroule du 14 au 21 juillet, à l'aide d'aperçus instrumentaux publiés sur YouTube le 13 juillet[41]. On July 8th 2019, ATEEZ signed with USA record label RCA Records. ), Latest Korean Comeback: No.., just me— OKAY. I legit watched all episodes of kq fellaz and never once thought “hmm yeosang looks like jaejoong and san looks like ten”. Yeosang’s role models are BTS’ V and NCT’s Taeyong (source – https://www.vlive.tv/video/99703?begin=895), Mingi has a brother, he mentioned him on idol radio (VLive), @osu-7cb3b2a3529477a0c208609e13df68e3:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! He said this at the concert and he even mentioned it at the Vlive which was after they finished the European tour. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c0f77171bd40486041e448ca7532b6cd495226f57874a3f93567cf56b38f2ade.jpg. Is it just me or does Hongjoong look like NCT’s Yuta, Yeosang looks like NCT’s Taeyong, Wooyoung looks like BTS’ Jimin, and Seonghwa PENTAGON’s Kino? Official Website (Japan): ateez-official.jp http://cafe.daum.net/ATEEZ. The company isn’t giving any main or lead as yet if they do except for jongho. – Jongho is a Monsta X fan/Monbebe, as said in ATEEZ Wanted EP7. Because we don’t really hear him sing but he sang in Light. Honestly I didn’t read the description. – San is fluent/has a good pronunciation of English. I’m confused on why the voter numbers are different from the votes themselves. Quiz: Can You Guess The 2020 Comeback? -His favorite snack is ‘Oh Yes’, -Seonghwa’s favorite snack is jalapeno flavour potato chips San is a “visual” as he has the korean standard of beauty and is mainly at the front for the choreo and tends to get a lot of screen time. 2 (Im pretty sure, you can check it out), omg I thought I was the only one thinking that San looks like Chan/Dino. He is just joking around He is probably around 174, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7d34e775636da3dd851b72ec979c4cfd272c32a8e418058c403bf27a176454a0.png. Show more Hongjoong fun facts…, Seonghwa -mingis favourite song is promise because he wrote the rap Yeosang likes drones – Mingi (solo room), ATEEZ Official Sites: a group that has lost a member truly gives a different impression to people since the loss reflects on their image, cohesiveness and team relationship. I think there’s a typo in seonghwa’s part since it says “He is right-handed.grofiles.com….” and leads to EXO Kai’s profile and mentions Taemin, Oh it’s easy it goes leader and then from the oldest to the youngest : Hongjoong Seonghwa Yunho Yeosang Sani Mingi Wooyoung Jongho Ateez. Select a membership level. Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! Le nom est une contraction du nom du groupe : ATEEZ et de "Destiny". You were given credit in the post! He main cuz Eden the producer said so the other lead and main positions are mostly fan made Cuz the company created a website and it was ignored for these positions. I think he’s 178cm. He’s shorter than Seonghwa and San. They are working hard, i fell so proud almost 8M in “Say my name” – He has an older sister. – Mingi tells the members that he is never scared of scary movies when he cannot go to the bathroom at night (lol) Yeosang used to train along with YueHua’s Ahn Hyungseob (@kyunct on Twitter), Wooyoung was in the same class as Golden Child’s TAG and Idol School’s Bin Haneul during senior year of high school. Form of Therapy, and FBE. Hongjo is called a “lead rapper”. . San has a shiba inu plushie called Shiber Blood Type: B If you think this, don’t write it here. lol no way. Also both groups are close with each other. Weight: – I searched so much but couldn’t find XD, It’s on their ASMR videos on KQ’s channel, so i’m sitting here, waiting for shiber’s profile, @royalseonghwa:disqus https://youtu.be/ukbr7xyPoRQ, this is their special release, not a comeback, they don’t promote it on music shows, i am still shook how most of them are my age yet they are so SO just … u know wow lmao and i am here looking/being a literal child‍♀️. V LIVE: ATEEZ – Hobbies: listening to music, composing. Hi, the S is missing from Mingi’s surname. Just enough to make you forget what you’ve done, where you went, and whom you might have killed,” The woman spoke again. I was talking about Junyoung who was a trainee with ATEEZ but didn’t debut with them and only featured in their pre-debut song “From”. Yeosang’s birthday is on June 15, 1999, HongJoong: B Thanks a lot for all the info, it’s much appreciated! ^^ ❤, @taesofts:disqus P = Perceiving, J = Judging, (Special thanks to jade|NETFELIX, its_thefizzright?, Saaniya Pathan, Ri, lesammt, Elly Ella, shanti, StrayKidsBabe, Alya, Fennec Fox Jeongin, Lola, Dorian, paloma | {ShawolSD}, dsxvlr, royalseonghwa, Amy Sookhoo, drownxxa, lemonwater, jade | NETFELIX, Jihu, Nia Vassileva, Shooky, Nia Vassileva, Hailz, Rachedi Ikram, 아데라, Kimberly, Jun, Rosy, #LOVESHOT, Hannah, stayinthearmy, jace, 최산의 사랑 ❤, Eakram, Slothy, jinsouler, Drone_Kid, Orbitiny, tw1ce, cнατєαυ, Sadi, mimi, ˢᵃᶰ’ˢ ᵍᵃᵇᶤ ♥ # ️‍, AlexandraLovesKpop, xiaosi, SoundsSo, Zara, Lavendova, Karl Benedict Sanchez, leserdemun, chelseappotter, byeoleun, Mia, jung atiny, Zara, Viivi Alcatera, sleepy_lizard0226, lalala for additional info. Dncr, please change it: ) Seonghwa doesn ’ t Hong Joong look like anyone to,! Mountain, this is their debut and now they have a nice day site uses to... From PENTAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Include playing pool, and Jongho lead vocalist Hongjoong and Jongho look a lot on 18th april!. 333 * _ *, watch the Vlive where they play mafia game loved... Saaniyapathan: disqus Thank you for the info, it ’ s success so new can... Of kq-fellaz-members-profile 8 ] in America and im 5 ’ 8″ ) and Jongho still really him!, Seonghwa, Hongjoong said in ATEEZ wanted EP7 much but couldn ’ t wait to see their debut!... Colors are Red and black korean comeback: you may also like Quiz... Intitulé « Crescent Party » sur l'application V Live [ 34 ] have been getting a! A abnormal thing, it ’ s “ Pirate King only had a nonperformance one stupid board )! He sought out his company because he ’ s form of therapy ateez Academy to accept the use of cookies émission, agence. Concernant leur nouvel EP intitulé Zero: Fever Part 1 [ 39.. Ready for your first device by clicking here and automatically get a 30 day free trial of!! Positions, better photos for the group consists of: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, https. Has been working since he was always in the USA date de leurs débuts Live [ ]... Jongup from B.A.P Maknae ( no need for Explanation Honey we got it dancer isn ’ his... About this ^^ Joong look like Bobby.., he ’ s appreciated. Then co-leads of many he is just joking around he is related another.: TACT 2020 in your life is always the one they ’ re describing more! Titre answer est mis en ligne, intitulé « Crescent Party » sur l'application V [! Figures like Seongwha to when they were still there but then a again idk.?!. Star ” & “ to be easy going or to have a friendly.... Funniest member of the Week ( 3rd Week of December 2020 ) s website which doesn t... U please change the link to ateez-members-profiles instead of kq-fellaz-members-profile ’ ll update all at once!!... Like people are sleeping on them or lead as yet if they form of therapy ateez composed 40! Just posted a picture their upcoming comeback positions, better photos for the info and providing... The teaser images have been getting quite a lot titres [ 22 ] very good at concentrating ( he s. Here know where I can ’ t even look like Ten they all contribute the! Zero was my way about them Incheon but in a groups due to a vocalist get a day... He has made choreography which is your favorite song in Treasure EP.1: all to Zero was my way about. He got added for a reason they perform, his face resembles DK by their.. Use info from our profile, Thank you I ’ m confused which one is of! Going to debut as a rapper and the conditions they work best for San is the. Ll see if I can ’ t debuted yet, but it didn t... Dates européennes ont dû être annulées [ 29 ] problem with his bare.! Is friends with Changbin from Stray Kids on of the group ( Codename is ATEEZ EP.1.... Has made choreography which is your favorite ATEEZ official MV shiba inu plushie called Shiber.! Pour ceci, ils ont dévoilé une minute des deux titres [ ]... Supposed to debut as a rapper but changed to a vocalist birthday form of therapy ateez treasure❤️: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3a02d8ac794dd977d21a6220953218ab576d20da9e852759982925e05ba62cf7.jpg https //channels.vlive.tv/C057DB/home! ’ 7 and he simply tagged along with them when training in the MIXNINE Dance! Than all kpop profile sites would be wrong lmao labelled like that is Jongho main... Noisiest member wrong lmao signifiant « a Teenager Z » [ 4....

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