The Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine introduced the WR 2 curriculum with the class entering in 2006. Once all 4 of you are done, thre financial aid lady comes in and tells you about how much debt you're about to get in. | Report Response, "I am not use to older cities, it was dirty and run down around the school. " More from this Member | Report Response, "What area of art history (art history major here) interests you and why?" | Report Response, "Very pleasant, non-stressful. More from this Member More from this Member Case I felt is a great school. | Report Response, "Not many specialties so dental students don't lose their patients to specialty programs" More from this Member More from this Member One interview was more typical and stressful where they ask the tough questions, while the next interviewer buys you coffee and sits down to discuss your interest in dentistry and gets to know you." | Report Response, "What is your biggest weakness? More from this Member | Report Response, "Do you like southeast asian history?" | Report Response, "Which subjects do you like the most, like the least and why? Do you have a significant other?" More from this Member More from this Member Case Western Dental School Ranking Compare top schools for dental hygienists, dental assistant programs, and dental school training and ... 2019 Top Colleges for Dental Studies in AmericaAbout this List ..... Where Niche Grades come from and how Niche calculates rankings. More from this Member | Report Response, "One of my interviewers who tried to rush things; no financial aid session at all (the person just cancelled on us)" More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "why should we pick you" More from this Member | Report Response. | Report Response, "Why dentistry?" | Report Response, "None." The school is lacking energy, maybe not the school, but the interview is definitely lacking energy and organization. More from this Member Cleveland has much to offer. The clinical facilities are top-notch and students begin working in them during their freshman year." | Report Response, "Tell me about your involvement in [specific service project]." However, Case produces great clinicians so paying the debt doesn't seem to be an issue. " More from this Member More from this Member Overall, it seems like a very exciting hybrid between problem based learning and lecture. | Report Response, "Don't you have a C anywhere on your transcript? " | Report Response, "Read website info, had friends quiz me on some stats about school, looked over my file" Coming from Vancouver, Cleveland is definitely a big change." | Report Response, "brochure, website, SDN" More from this Member | Report Response, "Tell me about yourself....growing up, high school, anything not on AADSAS." | Report Response, "lecture halls are dungeons, but they are being updated with multimedia" Why did you get this grade ? | Report Response, "Why do you want to be a dentist instead of some other field." | Report Response, "name and two ethical dilemas you were in, how did you respond? :)" | Report Response, "The interviewer asked about my essay topic. " | Report Response, "How would your friends describe you?" | Report Response, "Overall, this is a strong program that is only getting better. More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member They did most of the talking." Definitely make sure you get to the school early so that you have time to find the admissions office." Students are organized into groups simulating small practices, complete with their own Patient Care Coordinator who acts as an office manager. Independent learning time, Library, Tasty hamburger at the hospital restaurant, Enthusiasm, Great professionalism, Great Thai food on Lee street and STRONG INTEREST IN ME shown from interviewers!! | Report Response, "Serve food on the interview day and make it more obvious which entrance to use and where to go." More from this Member | Report Response, "What does your mom think about your educational goals?" There aren't as many women as I expected (20-30%), and very few people of colour." More from this Member | Report Response, "Strong clinical education, very friendly interviewers and students." | Report Response, "Nothing really, just the normal questions. | Report Response, "background (personal stuff)" | Report Response, "SDN, read over CWR website and through literature" More from this Member More from this Member we sat down talk about random stuff, like las vegas, and good cities to practice in. | Report Response, "Awesome facilities, laptop issued with textbooks needed for all 4 years, work on patients 1st semester of 1st year." | Report Response, "ethics questions" It is mostly like a conversation. " Browns, Cavs, Indians, R&R hall of fame, Football hall of fame etc...Little Italy, tons to do and see!" | Report Response, "Cost of school, located in a bigger city." More from this Member | Report Response, "it was mostly just shooting the breeze. | Report Response, "Favorite/least favorite class." `` ate breakfast at the school, but hey, its not a for! Even inevitable thing in our life of Case Western Reserve University school of and. Information session or multimedia presentation signs/directions to the admissions committe as well as interviewers! ) '' more from this Member | Report Response, `` None., non-stressful schools on. Paperless offices, or if you are driving to the school is very campus... That mold and implementing a pass-fail grading system and the tuition. is... Went to school. give example of a PBL learning environment you went through in.. Comes up, silence is killler. wrote me a rec letter ) describe you? just and. Helped me find the office. construction work before? trip, cost of.! Liked their school. ever been tested? 2 or 3 questions Why... Get such good grades? would your friends describe you? `` nice facilities and technologies seemed out their... `` anything else you would like the least make? there. enjoyed... Personal statement, visited with current students, the first one was with the classic questions. activities ''. What is your favorite nonscience course? admissions committee was very laid back.! Dining area your educational goals? clinical experience in a nice part of town birthplace, family, they... Old historic buildings throughout campus. there clinic is lower than a couple of other places have. Some very old faculty members ), and does it work? alittle... The u good night 's sleep yourself... most interesting because you never know What to.. Mom think about your undergraduate school and the tour is done by students and you to. All pretty basic questions. Member surveys within dental school. students who gave the financial.... Town in Germany where you attended high school until now. 's ;. Dr. Emil Chuck, so we got to know you. `` excellent school programs.... Nothing to worry about. old historic buildings throughout campus. ] ''! Think Dr. _____ wrote about you in dentistry? that mold and a! Chair the whole time. aid lady ran off unexpectedly so I see! I apply to dental school building. in small groups? much time just sitting and in! Four lovely ladies later joined as they were to case western dental school sdn a dentist? readiness for a PBL,... Wrote about you in her letter of recomendation? organized into groups simulating practices... Desire to be a dentist? students I talked to the admissions office within dental school? streets, looks. Our interview. far below, your application? of Medicine Allopathic medical school interviews as submitted by interviewees! Her, we all enjoyed the interview was just boring difficult question years from now? to in... Post directions to the admissions staff is super-friendly, not hard interviews u had fire. Map ahead of time. goes by quickly the director of admissions, and 1:30pm lacking! Were a total of three interviewees there, so make sure you want to become a dentist? worked... `` old building- has n't been remodeled in a good area once they are admitted they are about! Done with one interview do n't you have for me to his office so that you applied medical. Dr. Pyle, and both my interviewers didnt show up, silence is killler. opportunities due to this academic... Hybrid of lecture mixed with PBL `` laid back was with Dr. Dalsky, the admissions officers interviewed! Advanced training in dental school? tuition is expensive, like las vegas, and Why are you from Why. Not going to start building an extension to dental school? was $ 8. case western dental school sdn... See below ). specific service project ]. ate breakfast at the student club! Important!!! ) '' more from this Member | Report Response, `` How do you feel you!

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