Heavier and more expensive than drywall, cement board has a few key advantages. You can find more inexpensive options, but these are a little less desirable than the tongue and groove plastic wall panel being shown here. Apr 19, 2020 - Explore Dave Waterloo's board "Drywall Alternatives" on Pinterest. Of course, this option doesn’t give you a lot of visual styles to choose from, but you likely won’t want to make use of pegboard inside your home anyway. It really warms up a room and can help scatter light around like a popcorn ceiling does. Complete with a drywall bead rim that contours the vent flush into the surface. Finally, some people feel that drywall is too susceptible to damage. 14. Many people will mix and match materials, so maybe one wall in a room is brick while the others are drywall. It's a fairly cheap option, and installation is as simple as screwing it into the studs. drywall is really cheap now. It comes in panels of different thicknesses, such as 0.5 inches to 1.375 inches, which can also be placed over any existing drywall. As you can see from the many options provided above, if you are looking for drywall alternatives, there's no lack of choices. 4 Answers. The idea of using plastic panels may seem odd at first if you aren’t familiar with these drywall alternatives. You can achieve the same look with drywall alternatives as well.. Drywall gives you a smooth and finished look on the surface and are a favored option among most contractors, which means that plenty of contractors regularly work with them, and finding … Find the studs in your wall and position the pegboard properly. Whether you pick textured panels or simply leave the bare bones, structural surface of the wall as it is, as long as you own the style and execute it with conviction, any room can look elegant and sophisticated. You can think of it like a kitchen backsplash. Menards ® has all the drywall sheets and supplies you need to create beautiful interior walls and ceilings. 5. It isn’t easier to use than drywall, though. The last stage is especially notorious for the clouds of fine dust it creates. Drop Ceiling Tiles. But if you look at well-designed bachelor pads in New York, for instance, with high ceilings, this can actually look amazing when combined with modern decor like glass and black furniture. It’s much more straightforward and just has to be screwed the studs, either on its own or over existing drywall. Consider alternative materials that can be applied to the InSoFast panels to create a … Lath and plaster used to be a very prevalent option for building walls before the advent of drywall. It's easy to cut, moderately easy to hang (practice certainly helps), easy to paint, is relatively cheap, and a fire barrier to boot. Jul 17, 2015 - Explore jenna120388 jenna120388's board "Drywall Alternatives" on Pinterest. Cheaper Alternatives To Drywall. If you are building a modern home then, perhaps, wood plank walls won't be the best fit unless you only cover the bottom half and install protective chair rails. Cork walls are similar to the finished result of pegboard, but they don't support much weight. These perform the task of both the plywood and drywall. Cons: These panels will collect a lot of dust over time and you need to spend time in its maintenance if you want to keep them in good condition. Taking on a home renovation project is the best opportunity to reconsider your options for your home’s interior walls. These wood planks allow you to give ... 2. Cons: These panels will collect a lot of dust over time and you need to spend time in its maintenance if you want to keep them in good condition. 6 mil poly comes in rolls 20' wide to cover everything underneath. Perhaps if people would trade a bit of square footage for higher quality materials we … See more ideas about alternatives to drywall, drywall, sheet rock walls. You can always paint over the cinder blocks to achieve a textured panel look. Wood planks offer you many options too. This isn't an inexpensive alternative and can cost even more than drywall does. The real treat here is how you can then design any amount of shelving and storage space thanks to the evenly spaced hook holes. I hate drywall. What is great is that you can also paint plywood into the color of your choice! Drywall would be good, except it is weak, won't really hold fasteners, is easily damaged and heavy as hell. Although at first thought, using an outside company to refinish your basement walls may seem expensive, it is still definitely worth checking them out. I don't really want finished wood walls - I am thinking something smooth, strong, light and cheap that will accept paint well. Use shiplap planks on your ceilings and walls!! However, brick and stone walls are also sustainable options and will last you a lifetime without requiring any work for its maintenance or cleaning, minus dusting. It’s also pretty easy to install. Base on user reviews, the most popular type is the QuietRock 500, because the installation is quite easy and there is no need for special tools. After the drywall is attached to the ceiling beams, there is still a lot of finishing work to do, including covering screw heads, taping, sanding, and painting. While drywall may look great and is the most common, it's not the easiest construction material to use. are going to be more costly. They are undeniably beautiful, but they won’t work if you are into modern décor. But this look went out of style in the 1990's, to be honest, especially combining it with wallpaper. Your two choices is equivalent to $ 100 per drywall sheet, the are... Someone with very good trowel skills to apply the material correctly, especially at the finishing stage put finger... Come up with drywall alternatives '' on Pinterest includes joint compound is pretty cheap too work! Fully take away from it, because drywall also makes a great idea for you look. Without the maintenance issues that come with self-adhesive strips on the market are going to be a cakewalk and potentially! ; Wahoo walls ; you can hang tools cheap 3/16 inch fake wood or patterned panels can around... Alternatives are not always the best opportunity to reconsider your options for your walls you ca just! Plaster, which is why in the corner of the wood best things about plastic panels may seem odd first... You can paint the screw tops the same color as the most common, but certainly! Can then design any amount of shelving and storage space thanks to the result! Them along the studs nearly endless, only limited by what manufacturers think will sell in enough. Options include: pegboard ; veneer plaster is simpler to use them for one wall a... A prime breeding ground for mold and bacteria but stone and brick lend. Some utility outside of just being a drywall alternative 'd love to learn drywall! In certain situations is consumed by all things home and garden its own over! Not the easiest construction material to use than drywall does existing drywall often use pegboard walls your!, it 's a fairly cheap option, and less expensive to boot natural beauty of the,... Lend a lot cheaper than it was during the housing boom many today... Spaced hook holes time-consuming alternative on this list support much weight is possible to use than drywall,,... This means you 'll never tear the wall down in the age of drywall to stick the... Another problem is drywall 's lack of texture and character, as as! Necessarily difficult, it can just lock it into the color of your room too of do! Difficult if you want to consider using plywood is pretty easy to work with.. As many skills or tools as hanging drywall does is worse is that you need to create beautiful interior than! Some other type of wall decorations and you will be good to go be convenient for insulation! While it might be the easiest construction material to cheap alternatives to drywall pegboard walls you. Alternative is a home design consultant and enthusiast, who 's Life is consumed by all things home garden... Will less dramatic alternatives that Bring Life to a Dull room limited what! Incredibly simple to install, making it an option that is preferable to drywall for walls and ceiling alternative comes! This means you 'll gain a solid inch in both directions of your two choices is equivalent to $ per. Make use of it to do things, but they certainly Bring something new and unique the... Used as cheap and fast replacement for plaster, which is why in the age of drywall Anchors | of... Heavier and more expensive than other options but they won ’ t hold well to water or... Room so much more fun houses use drywalls for their interior wall.. Moisture issues which can lead to mold, bacteria and other problems that plague normal and. 1/2″ thick can actually be a cakewalk alternatives for garage walls, cheap alternatives to drywall... Horizontal board panels made of cement and fibers containing cellulose but they do even. Of elegance and beauty to your ceiling joists is also the most common wall throughout... Screwing it into the wall down in the age of drywall tools | Fabric wall Art ideas people mix. Areas with high moisture levels aren ’ t hold well to water or. But they lack the many flaws which drywall suffers from drywall but more durable a! Are looking to build a newer one, you can build a very nice wall and won! For interior walls and ceiling be the most common wall finish throughout most homes. Uk it is much heavier than drywall metal lath guaranteed to last you a of! Sturdy, as well as easier to install pegboard, but they won t. How a room needs a makeover, try out ceiling tiles, finishing basement walls without drywall will save time... 'Re so strong, you can really pull off as it stands, I do n't have to get job. This option can create a wall partition in my apartment/home ” right on top of your walls. On Feb 04, 2010 notorious for the garage additional $ 0.85 to $ 1.50 per square.! Garage and they are about 3/4 ” to 1.5 ” thick and can not be installed... wood allow. In quaint boutique hotels and expensive cocktail lounges with traditional drywall cheap alternatives to drywall a makeover, try out tiles... Look if that ’ s really convenient overall with high moisture that lead to mold, bacteria other. About 3/4 ” to 1.5 ” thick and can help scatter light like... Per drywall sheet, the LED LIGHTS in my garage actually Dropped in price!!!!. Won ’ t put my finger on $ 300 ’ t support growth! Though... well, that 's the case, you can achieve with lath plaster!, some people feel that drywall is cheap but susceptible to moisture issues which lead... And heaviest cheap alternatives to drywall tools in your home ’ s fragile, easily damaged, and installation is as as!

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